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The Ace Gang!

The community for UK Gee Gee fans.

UK Gee Gee fans!
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Since there isn't one already, here is the first Confessions of Georgia Nicholson appreciation community to be based in the book's homeland, 'Great' Briton. Technically I'm not discriminating and anyone who wants to can join the community but foreign people often cannot fully appreciate British coloquialisms, culture and sence of hummor (such as with the need for a glossary in the American versions of the books).

The community is for both Georgia Nicholson discussion and anything else crazy, funny or random that might be appreciated by other fans of the books. At the moment theres only Georgia related stuff in the interests list but I'll add more when I see the kinds of things that are discussed in the community.

The usual sort of rules apply; you can give your opinion but no direct insults or personal attacks. Disrespecting the other members like this will unfortunately mean I will have to ban you. Overall enjoy the community and also please promote it so it can get bigger and better. There are some promotion icons and thier codes below.